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Hello! I’m
Mike Schmidt.

(Nice to meet you.)

I'm an Emmy award winning creative leader and the founder of the Reporter Video team in the newsroom at The New York Times. On any given day you can find me collaborating with talented storytellers, designers, animators, video producers, reporters, editors, illustrators and photographers. Prior workplaces include CNN's Courageous Studio, Mashable and National Geographic Magazine, at each I've been responsible for the vision, creative strategy and management of video teams. Before that (long ago now) I was a Creative Director for the prescient but ill-fated iPad only news publication, The Daily.

My favorite side hustle is education and I teach animation and motion graphics to grad students at CUNY. When I’m not high fiving members of my team while seeking digital enlightenment through collaborative mayhem, I’m often found strolling with my wonderful rescue pup Billie. Thanks for visiting!


^ The New York Times Features Video

As Director of Features Video and Design, my team works on a variety of projects within the NYT editorial video department. For example, check out Diary of a Song, it's definitely something special!

^ The New York Times on Snapchat Discover

As the Executive Producer for a special multimedia daily edition, custom animated and only on Snapchat, I was responsible for leadership, strategy and creative problem solving with a team of writers, animators, photo and video editors. We added millions of engaged young readers to The Times every week. (And yes, the youths actually can read - lol.)

^ CNN Courageous Studio

As the Editorial Director for the new branded content studio at CNN, I was responsible for leadership, strategy and creative problem solving of a rapidly growing team of video producers and directors. We made big business deals and ambitious, dynamite projects with top tier brands for digital and TV audiences across the Turner portfolio.

^ Mashable

As the Director of Editorial Video, I was responsible for building and managing (nurturing) the team that makde all the editorial video published on the main site, Youtube channels, Facebook, and Snapchat Discover. We worked closely with the various editorial teams on news, docs, tech, comedy, puppies and whatever else we dreamt up. During my tenure we went from 1M to 100M video views in less than 8 months. Boom.

^ The Marshall Project

Morel designed the site and design system for this forward thinking, non-profit single-topic journalism endeavor about the criminal justice system in the US. We developed design solutions that visually paid homage to the time period of namesake Thurgood Marshall, but felt modern and updated. Named the “World’s Best Designed Website” by the prestigious Society for News Design (SND).

^ The Center for Digital Arts

Morel designed a fresh, updated branding system and crafted a new website for the new ownership of this Boston digital training school that specializes in photo, video, design, 3D animation and code – skills building that is close to my heart!


^ National Geographic Short Form Video

I was responsible for three teams that made short form video as one cohesive unit. We made original short, documentary films for News, The Magazine and numerous special projects including animations, sponsored projects and over a dozen pilot series. Our team ran the video domain for national geographic as well as the heavliy trafficked Youtube Channel.


^ Serengeti Lions

Nick Nichols and Nathan Williamson spent two years in the field with a battery of high tech image making gear. And the digital team came together to make one of my favorite all time projects. Jody Sugrue led the charge on the ux and design, and my team worked on the immersive video content. We even won a webby for best use of video.

^ Year in Review

At the end of 2013 a few of us cherry picked a handful of our favorite things created at NG that year. We crafted gorgeous new video teasers and built it into an interactive experience.

October Cover Ipad

^ 125th Anniversary Issue

For this special magazine edition we developed a full multimedia experience for the iPad edition and the website. Incorporating video interviews of our photographers and an animated cover. Plus, we launched a 50-video series about the power of photography that appeared bi-weekly on our photo blog, Proof.

^ Last Days of a Storm Chaser

When Tim Samaras, the legendary self-taught scientist, engineer and tornado expert, was killed in the biggest storm ever recorded, we crafted a multimedia story to honor his lifes work. A short film was combined with an interactive video that captured the intersecting paths of Tim and the storm from multiple perspectives.

2011 02 The Daily On Ipad

^ The Daily

I was amongst the first wave of iPad content creators at this innovative and beautiful, but ultimately doomed, news publication. I was there from the beginning to launch it on the first generation iPads and helped steer the design team for two years.

2011 02
		The Daily gift and gadget guide

^ Gift & Gadget Guide

A micro-team from The Daily created a single, beautiful iPad issue featuring the best in tech with a retro-modern feel. Featuring gorgeous illustrations and designs, original photography and interactive videos it was downloaded over a million times.

^ Alexia Foundation

I partnered with Jody Sugrue and Tom Jackson to rethink the website and branding for this revered photography grantmaking foundation. Much of the structure and branding we created is still in place, but unfortunately they have changed up the overall designs.

New York Times

^ New York Times Graphics

I joined the graphics team during the 2008 and 2010 Olympics games to create dozens of interactive information graphics and multimedia coverage on daily deadline.

About Mohawk Street

I was born and raised on the coolest block in Chicago, Mohawk Street, between Armitage and Dickens. Home wasn't just inside the building, but out on the street, laughing on the stoops, drawing on the sidewalks, racing through the gangways and exploring the alleys. In 2001, I named my personal studio after my original stomping grounds.

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